Lipstick Box Packaging — Get Them Personalized For a Flawless Touch

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Every woman desires to own the best lipstick, which in general has the best Lipstick Packaging too! At cosmetic companies, you can get all of the desired customisations of your favourite lipstick boxes, customised with your name or logo, made available through a range of choices for your lipstick packaging! These are a part of all cosmetic packaging offered. This is one method cosmetic companies use to enhance their brand image and also increase their market value. There are many other companies who also offer their customers these kinds of packages.

You may not have an idea about it, but you can buy custom lipstick boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. So whether you want a small cosmetic box or a larger one, there is definitely a size for you. Some companies may even design your lipstick box according to your choice and requirements. If you want a box that can hold a number of products, then there are various kinds of Kraft boxes or even a combination of Kraft boxes and lipstick cases, printed with your choice of colours! There are many companies offering this kind of service too.

Kraft Box Manufacturer for Lipstick Box packaging

Kraft boxes are manufactured by a world-famous company called “Kraft Lips,” which is known all over the world. They manufacture both regular lipstick and gloss boxes, in a wide range of styles. The company’s motto is “put smiles on the lips.” Therefore, their packaging is always cheerful and upbeat, and their lipstick box packaging has always had a style and fun factor.

Many other cosmetic companies also offer custom cosmetic boxes, for example, Estee Lauder, Neutrogena, and Mary Kay. All these cosmetic companies manufacture different varieties of cosmetic boxes, each with a different style and design. Their packaging too varies considerably. Some of their boxes are simple and very pretty, whereas others have beautiful decorative effects.

Shapes and Types of Lipstick Boxes

Usually, a lip balm box packaging consists of a rectangular box with a built-in zipper in the lid. It usually comes with a complimentary mirror. The basic concept is to provide a good view of the lipstick that one is applying. The mirror gives the cosmetic box a personal touch. A lip liner is usually attached to the lid of the cosmetic boxes. This liner matches the colour of the lipstick that one is applying.

The liner itself is usually made of a hygienic, thin, transparent, non-transferring plastic called “black liner”. This liner is generally supplied along with the lipstick boxes. Another important component of the lipstick packaging is the applicator stick or sponge. This is a thick, plush, comfortable applicator that is used to spread the colour evenly on the lips. The stick has a special tip that prevents any ‘back and forth’ action between the applicator and the lipstick.

Other popular components that help to get a custom quote the gloss, matte, satin or pearls. Glosses give an overall luxurious look. Matte comes in different shades and can give a matte finish or glitter effect. Satins and pearls add shimmer and shine to the cosmetic.

Pearls, on the other hand, are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. They can be placed in tiny boxes or large, clear, glossy ones. These shapes are usually printed on the boxes so that customers can get a better understanding of how they will look like. The best quality cosmetic boxes can be designed with a combination of different colours and textures, so as to provide the best quality and looks.

Personalized Custom Lipstick Boxes

Personable custom boxes are the most effective option if you want to give away your promotional items in an elegant manner. You can get these products in various materials, colours and shapes. You can choose something that will best represent your brand image and your company. However, to ensure that your branding remains intact, it is very important to choose a reputed packaging service.

There are some companies that design and manufacture custom lipstick boxes in ceramic, glass, plastic, silver, and several other materials. Most of these packaging supplies are used for cosmetic purposes. Some cosmetic manufacturers also use specially printed boxes bearing their logos to promote their product. The best quality boxes can be handcrafted to your specifications. You can select the shape, size, and type of materials you want.

Personable custom boxes will always meet your requirements. The wholesale boxes can also be ordered online. You can browse through different online stores to find the best quality boxes at affordable prices. With so many options available in the market, it has become very easy to find the best boxes with full contact information. You can also find the latest trends in packaging supplies.



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