Jewelry Box Packaging for Easy Shipment

Jewelry box packaging is an essential part of the entire jewelry business. Your jewelry will be as good, if not better if it arrives in good packaging. When you think about it, jewelry is often fragile and needs to be packaged very carefully. There are many different types of jewelry custom boxes, depending on what you are selling. Below is a list of the most common jewelry box packaging options.

Use Bubble Wrap to Protect your Jewelry from Damage

Clear plastic or bubble wraps are used extensively in jewelry packaging boxes because they are highly resistant to damage and are also clear, so buyers can clearly see what’s inside. They are light and easy to carry, although some companies do require that boxes be padded to ensure that they arrive in the same condition when they are filled. Bubble wraps are inexpensive and come in a variety of different colors. These boxes are perfect for small trinkets or costume jewelry, but they are not good for large or valuable items.

Customized Jewelry Boxes in all Shapes and Sizes

Bulk jewelry boxes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, from simple cube shelves to giant jewelry boxes. Depending on the product, these boxes may need to be assembled, or you can simply buy them already made and assemble them yourself. If you are buying boxes in bulk, be sure to ask the supplier how to package them safely, or pay extra for this service. Most boxes for jewelry are already assembled, and most suppliers will be happy to show you how to put them together.

Wholesale Jewelry Retailer

Some bulk jewelry sellers purchase their boxes from packaging wholesalers. These suppliers buy the boxes from manufacturers and sell them to jewelers who sell them to customers. Wholesale packaging vendors can offer any type of box, although some specialty jewelry and gemstone jewelry require special packaging. The cost of the boxes depends on the materials used, the size, and the design of the box. Boxes can also vary in quality; therefore, you should inspect the packaging before you buy.

Small Jewelry Compartments and Drawers

Some jewelry boxes wholesale are specially designed for small jewelry items like earrings and bracelets. Many jewelry boxes for wholesale jewelry come with locks and key drawers to keep the jewelry safe and protect it from damage. Other specialty jewelry boxes have small drawers and pockets for keeping watch and jewelry accessories like necklaces and rings. If you are buying wholesale jewelry and want to buy a specially designed jewelry box, ask the supplier whether they can customize a box to your specifications.

When jewelry is purchased in bulk, it is important to buy a jewelry box that is suitable for the product. The box packaging should protect the jewelry from damage while it is being transported. The box packaging should be durable enough to withstand heavy use. Look for box packaging that will fit the product, but is not too large to be wasteful.

jewelry boxes wholesaleDifferent Types of Jewelry Boxes

There are many different types of jewelry boxes for different uses. There are boxes designed to store earrings while others are designed to hold watches. There are large boxes designed to hold necklaces while smaller boxes are ideal for rings. You can even get jewelry boxes that double as an office desk because of their great space efficiency. Whatever your jewelry box needs may be, there is sure to be one available that suits you perfectly. All you need to do is to search online.

Jewelry box packaging is usually made out of strong cardboard or vinyl. It is also made out of strong plastic. The boxes can be single-sided or multi-sided. Whatever your box packaging needs, there is definitely a box packaging for you. You simply need to search online and find the perfect box packaging to suit your needs.

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