Cigar Pre-Roll Packaging: A Common Compromise For Cigarette Packaging Solutions

Pre-roll packaging plays an important role in the tobacco industry. This is because it provides vendors with a ready-made distribution channel. In addition, pre-roll packaging offers a higher yield per order, which means higher profits for tobacco companies. This means increased profitability for tobacco companies. However, there are many challenges in offering pre-roll packaging services to the wholesale tobacco market.

Pre-roll Packaging in Pipes and Cigarettes

This has been a challenge for vendors for a long time. These challenges revolve around a number of issues that have been unique to the pharmaceutical industry. First of all, there is less space available for pre-roll packaging in pipes and cigarettes. The tubes and packages need to be large in order to account for the extra space taken up by the cigarette tubes and packaging. Due to these factors, the nicotine product can only be released in one complete cycle through the use of pre-roll packaging machines.

Custom Box Suppliers for pre-roll Packaging

A solution to this problem is for tobacco companies to contract with custom box suppliers that can provide pre-roll packaging machinery that can handle multiple cycles of product release. The machinery is able to process a larger volume of tobacco at a lower overall cost than conventional methods. In addition, pre-roll packaging is a highly efficient distribution channel, especially considering the high volume of products that are handled during each cycle. Most tobacco companies purchase several hundred thousand boxes per year, which indicates the huge profit potential offered by pre-roll packaging. In fact, most tobacco companies generate more revenue from pre-roll packaging than they do from the sale of conventional tobacco products.

Wholesale Pre-Roll Packaging Solutions

Due to these reasons, the demand for pre-roll packaging options in the wholesale market has greatly increased in recent years. Several manufacturers have introduced their own proprietary packaging systems in recent times in an effort to stay on top of the competition. In order to remain a viable competitor, some companies have resorted to purchasing small startup tobacco companies in order to develop their own proprietary pre-roll packaging options. Unfortunately, other companies have remained loyal to the already established systems that have consistently proven profitable.

To compensate for this shrinking market, several companies have started exploring new product development strategies to increase their product share in the pre-roll market. One such strategy has been the introduction of pre-roll cones. By combining the advantages of pre-roll packaging with the superior quality and reduced shipping costs of custom cigarette boxes, pre-roll cones have significantly improved the profitability of tobacco companies. While the increased number of sales is a welcome development for all tobacco companies, the fact that the sales of pre-roll cones are expected to continue to rise only serves to underline the stability of this innovative distribution channel.

Standard Size rectangular Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

Although many companies are now offering custom packaging systems based on custom cones, many of them still produce standard-sized cones and custom boxes. Many cigarette manufacturers still prefer to buy standard packaging options in order to minimize expenses and avoid the need for customized packaging options down the road. The increased amount of profit that is currently earned by tobacco companies is largely due to the fact that consumers prefer a standard size rectangular box in which to package cigarettes. Cigars are traditionally packaged in round, rectangular, or square packaging options that generally require more expensive production techniques. By introducing pre-roll cones into their standard packaging options, tobacco companies can take advantage of the increased sale of these products. Standard-sized rectangular cardboard boxes and circular pre-roll cones allow cigarette manufacturers to offer consumers a variety of unique shapes and sizes while reducing the production cost associated with these products.

Standard Packaging Options

Another way in which standard packaging options have been compromised is through the use of pre-roll tubes. Typically, pre-roll tubes are manufactured in a standard oval or square shape. Cigar retailers can easily package these cigarettes in standard oval or square shape packaging tubes in order to save manufacturing costs. Although these custom sizes may fit nicely inside regular custom cigarette case designs, cigarette manufacturers typically prefer to buy standard rectangular tubes in which to package their product. Although these rectangular tubes are typically used for all cigarette sizes, cigarette companies may also select standard round tubes in which to package cigars. By using these standard sizes, cigar retailers have increased their chances of earning higher margins from their packaging efforts.

Rapidly Increasing Demand of Pre-Roll Packaging

In summary, standard cigar pre-roll packaging options have been repeatedly compromised due to the increased demand for these products. These packaging solutions have proven to be increasingly unpopular among consumers over the course of time, especially as more cigarette retailers have focused efforts on offering custom packaging solutions for their product lines. However, it is possible to avoid compromise regarding the design of pre-roll boxes. By investing in the custom design of pre-roll boxes, cigarette retailers have the potential to significantly increase the number of profits that they earn from their packaging endeavors. Customization options for pre-roll packaging solutions may even enable cigar retailers to generate significant profits without having to sacrifice the quality of their end caps.

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